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I can take your passion to new heights.

Have unknown character that only you like and love? No problem! I can help you by drawing it!
We are not responsible if something goes wrong

Visual Novel?!

Or you might want me to draw your most favorite character to used it on your own Visual Novel game for fun?
Black Goku Shuumatsu dragon ball.png
Anime Character from Dragon Ball and Shuumatsu

My Short Story

When writing the story of your life, Do NOT let anyone else hold the pen!
Have no idea about what to write here but hey, it is not a test so, who care?
So, let's start by talking about the first character I saw drawing by my brother, it was like magic, really. He was drawing french bread, and before I noticed it, it become Ninja turtle head!

I was like, What kind of sorcery is that?!
That was the start of my passion to draw anime and cartoon character.

While it was hard at the beginning, it was fan, though I found myself suck really hard at drawing anime background T_T.

Oh well, that life for you, you can't have everything in it.
But I love drawing anime character.

It's like magic, drawing character out of thin air. Hell, it was fun to annoying other on the net by drawing ship they hate bwahaha!
Before I forgot, Not all of this website mine, I rent/give some pages to my roommates so, not all of it will be about anime character.

My Satisfied Clients

  • If it is just a picture, at least be brave enough to draw my whole body!
    Sinon Sao sowrd art online kirito

    Sinon Kazuto

  • Don't forgot! What is our task? For what shall we risk our lives? It is not revenge nor a reckless challenge! It is to protect moe character!
    Shuumatsu Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt Finé

    Ortfiné Frederica von Eylstadt

  • "Your feeble mortal mind cannot begin to fathom my will...my beauty... At least you know how to draw the great and mighty me so I will let you live for now"
    Black Goku son dragon Ball super DBZ

    Black Goku


The art of leaving without anyone noticing.


Never Forgot your favorite anime character!


The art of Memes!


can stay awake till midnight!

My Skills

Left till here away at to whom past. Feelings laughing at no wondered.

This is Kirire.

All the pages you see here are built with the my love & passion. I hope that you enjoy staying here.
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